Saving Olive Ridley & Angsana Velavaru’s Last Turtle Release (for now)

Angsana Velavaru has been home to six turtle nests from May till September this year.

The 6th and last turtle nest hatched on the 6th of September. These baby turtles were bound to set their tiny flippers to the sea for the very first time on the afternoon of the 8th of September.

Coincidence as we may say, earlier, the same day of the planned turtle release, an Olive Ridley Turtle was found by our staff, drifting along the water surface. One of its flippers was wrapped with fishing net, leaving a wound on it.

Olive Ridley Turtle with Wounded Front Left Flipper

Olive Ridley Turtles are usually found in India and Indonesia, hence it must have come a long way before finally reaching Velavaru.

Olive Ridley Turtle

Our Marine Lab team examined the wound, and after finding out that it is just a minor wound, they treated it and decided to release it along with the other baby green sea turtles.

Baby Green Sea Turtle on a Coconut Shell

So on that day, our team, along with our guests witnessed the release of an Olive Ridley Turtle and 105 tiny Green Sea Turtles.

105 baby Green Sea Turtles was released
Good luck Olive Ridley! Till we meet again!
photo credits to Ikke

Goodbye for now Turtles! Till the next hatching season!