Things To Do in Angsana Velavaru During Rainy Days

We all go to the Maldives to see the sun, dive into the crystal clear waters and of course, get a nice tan. However, we can’t help the rain from pouring. Even though Maldives is sunny the whole year round, we can still expect some downpours every now and then. It’s still a tropical country, isn’t it?

So, on those gloomy days when you can’t do anything outdoors, here’s a list of what you can do in Angsana Velavaru during  rainy days so you can still make the most out of your holiday.

1. Get a Spa Treatment at Angsana Spa 

Relax and rejuvinate in our Award Winning Angsana Spa Velavaru. Body treatments are freshly concocted and nimbly prepared right before being tenderly applied to your skin. Native ingredients are carefully picked before being mixed in fragrant and soothing concoctions, such as the Coconut Lime Body Polish and Avocado Nourisher Body Conditioner.

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2. Maldivian Cooking Classes

Our Chefs will take you to a wonderful culinary journey into discovering authentic Maldivian flavours.

3. Cocktail Classes

Learn how to mix different alcohols, syrups and juices into delicious cocktails, just like a pro!

4. Play Mahjong

Play Mahjong because, why not? Lay down your tactics while sipping your favorite drink and enjoy a fun filled Mahjong game at Kuredi Bar.


5. Aim your Shot! Play Billiards

When did you last play billiards? Maybe it’s time for you to sharpen up your geometry skills and aim those shots!

6. Read a Random Book

If you are a bookworm, we sure have something for you. We have a variety of books at Kuredi Bar. And hey, how about a cuppa while reading a random book?


7. Get to Know More About our Marine Conservation Programs

Learn while having fun! Our Marine Lab team will surely make you love the underwater creatures even more by giving you an insight about our marine conservation programs and activities during the Marine Talk.

 8. Bring Back the Child in You

Run and play under the rain but don’t stay out for too long. We don’t want you to catch colds!


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